My passion, after my family of course, is Treasure Hunting. The simple beauty of things from by-gone eras have always spoken to me. Whether these treasures are found at a flea market, fine antique store, estate sale, thrift shop, or in the family attic, surprises abound.
As an interior designer, I believe it is vital to balance your decor by including found and family treasures. Surrounding yourself with things you love should always be the goal, from there you will find your true style.
As I shop, I may have a client in mind or I may want to resell at our french flea market or in my shop. I am lucky to have several outlets for my treasures including my own home! I plan to share my searching, hunting, travels, and treasures with you and encourage you to enjoy adding your treasures to your home.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vintage Furniture Finds Plus

The flea markets in southern california are somewhat predictable. Each weekend, first through the forth, different locations have scheduled events. I try to cover a large area, from north to south- Hollywood & San Juan Capistrano and from east to west- Riverside & Santa Monica.  This being the fifth Sunday of the month there are no scheduled flea markets so I am on my own. Off I went, scouring tag sales and thrift shops within 10 miles from home. It turned out to be a good day for small vintage furniture pieces and a few nice smalls.
This sweet little variation of a demi-lune table is lovely. It needs some TLC but the nice details make this piece worth the time and effort.
This is quite a substantial table. I believe it was a smoking table. Holding tobacco accessories inside and ashtrays etc on top. It features very nice details and weighs a ton! Another candidate for a mini facelift.
Not as old as the previous pieces, this cute side table features built-in newspaper/magazine and or book storage pockets on either end. The cut in handles make it easy to move even thought is also a heavy piece of solid wood furniture. I am thinking this piece is would be perfect on a covered patio, painted a fun color.
This was the most fun treasure of the day. An ultra charming wood umbrella stand. The details are like nothing I have ever seen before. The back panel is pierced with an open umbrella and raindrops dripping from it. The face is so unique! This pierced panel features four fish swimming among water plants. The piercing is backed by the copper box interior that holds the wet umbrellas.  It sits on the floor and any wall color peaking through the umbrella panel would be lovely. This piece too needs a little bit of attention, but I just love as it is, so unique.
I also picked up this nice vintage bistro match holder and...
these four pieces of antique german majolica. I lucked out with these pieces. Each in nearly perfect condition -the turquoise plates with deep green and gold embossed dandelion pattern are just great. They were made in the late 1800's by the Zell Company. Perfect for cabinet or wall display.
I think I will be posting later this week with more information and photos of my majolica. It is so beautiful and really interesting. Off to watch some olympics.
Happy Hunting! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Blog Anniversary and Thank You

It has been one year since I began this blog. Today’s Treasure by Jen was meant to be a fun stage to share my love of treasure hunting. I did not expect the experience of blogging to have such an impact on my life.
An outlet was all I could imagine a blog could provide however, in actuality, it is the interactions, the shared knowledge, personal enlightenment and yes, even cyber friendships that have captured my heart.
I have truly enjoyed every post both written and read. I have learned more than I could have imagined about places and things and people, even myself.
Originally, I decided to begin TTBJ after being oh-so inspired mainly by two renowned blogs, My French Country Home and Paris Breakfast.  Each author brought her own style to the table. Honest in every way and true to themselves, never pretending to be someone they are not, nor wanting to be and most importantly never talking down to their followers/fans. Thank you to both S.S. and C.G. for continuing to inspire me and for their commitment to this, the blogging world.
I will continue TTBJ for those of you who look from time to time. Although I haven’t a mass of registered followers I know many of my customers link through our Le Potager website. To those of you who read and/or comment on a regular basis, I am honored and pleased that you take a moment to see what I have posted. Thank you!
I hope to continue to bring you exciting finds from my treasure hunting and most of all I hope you enjoy the posts and in turn even comment … as I would love to hear from you!
Here is to another year of treasures.
Happy Hunting!! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Flea Market Figures and More

This weekend it took a few extra hours to do my treasure hunting. I had to work a little harder this time... nothing was going to come easy. This is never a frustration, just a challenge. It reminded me of being young and single and always finding cute clothes or home decor items when I had no money and then not being able to find a single item when you were able to buy. So, this Sunday, I accepted the challenge and was eventually rewarded.
Searching and scanning.
There are times I am not certain if I choose treasures or if they choose me?
These boys broke the ice. A vintage pair of garden statues. One is a little chipped and cracked but I did not have the heart to split them up. So they both came home with me.
They are each holding an apple in their right hand. I can imagine them sitting in a large basket filled with fall apples or even sitting under an apple tree in the garden.
When I placed a few of my treasures in a chair for a quick photo I started to see a little theme... figures.
This beautiful terrazzo mermaid is from the 1940's. At well over 3 feet tall she has a definite presence and will be a great addition to a poolside or overlooking a pond. She weighs over 250 lbs and took 3 men to move, luckily getting her home went well. 
Rarely seen in California, I found a great Bavent French rabbit figure. I am not sure I will give him up... I have not yet decided. Over the years I have had just a handful of these at the shop and each time I sold one I found myself thinking... why did I sell that? So, I will think very carefully about him.
From one of my all-time favorite vintage lines, I love this Borghese "boy with bow".

Yes, there were many figural finds and then the apple theme reappeared, from the boy garden statues, when I found this gorgeous victorian silver set.
These will also be perfect for our apple harvest event at Le Potager this fall.
The apples in high relief, branch handles and pie crust edging add to the charm of these pieces
Last, but not least, I found a charming pair of Indian Clubs. Used for exercising in the first third of the last century, they are perfect pieces for displaying with their nice height and warm wood tone. 
Thank you for looking at my most recent loot shoot. 
Next I will be sharing some of my thoughts on blogging as I celebrate TTBJ's one year anniversary.
Happy Hunting.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Antiques and a Birdcage for Decor

After far too long, today I post a loot shoot of my weekend’s treasures. Not a large haul by any stretch, but satisfying all the same.
The loot is just a touch of this and that… things that are fun or classic or unique.
There is some antique transferware, a silver stirrup cup and a Victorian covered butter along with vintage paperweights, an antique polychrome delft tile and a plein aire painting.
I love this ironstone dish with the applied daisies all along the top and the small silver footed tray will look beautiful with a glass cloche on it.
The birdcage is very large and would look great filled with d├ęcor items on a table or filled with plants in the courtyard. I had a much larger cage, in the shop, that sat upon a table. 
We hung small framed prints on the inside-back. Placed a picture frame on a stack of old worn books. Added a clock and a plant. It looked great and was a real statement piece. 
I "decorated" this one with today's loot just to give you an idea of the look.
The possibilities for a cage like this are endless. Whether displayed inside or out, it is perfect for holding decorative vignettes that could change with each season.
This cage may look a bit better painted a softer color but I will leave that up to it’s next owner!
It was fun to be on the hunt again this weekend.
Next week …the flea on Sunday. 
Happy Treasure Hunting!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day Tradition

Today, in the U.S. we celebrate the birth of our nation. Like many modern holidays we have taken creative license with what the day is truly about. You know what I mean, Santa and the Easter come to mind. Well, the 4th of July has always been a fun day in our home. It is officially our "F" day! The "F"ourth brings us a wonderful combination of family, friends, food, festivities and of course fireworks.
A house full of people, coming and going. It is the one time of year we see many of our son's childhood friends... We get to catch up with them and reflect upon their childhood antics! To me, this is the official start of summer, my favorite time of year. Summer brings us late al fresco dinners, movies out side, casual relaxed meals and best of all Sunday family dinners.  
Happy 4th of July!
I will be tag-sale hunting this weekend... highlights to come.
Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Silver Pitchers and Shower Bouquets

June is traditionally known as a month for having showers and weddings. This year I have been asked, more than usual, to help friends and customers with wedding event decor and ideas.  Great event decor does not need to cost a fortune and can be just as beautiful, even more beautiful, than items you spend large sums of money on. I was asked several weeks ago to create three wedding shower table arrangements.
As the brides colors are blue and white with touches of pink I needed to be mindful to not make these arrangements look like they were baby shower pink and blue. I used a majority of white hydrangea and accented with a very soft pink, fresh cool blue and lush greens. I was given a very specific budget that could have been a challenge.
I decided, with their budget in mind, that I would lend three of my simple vintage silver water pitchers, that I use for decor only, to be the vessels for their arrangements.
As the date approached I was told that the budget was much smaller than originally thought.
So I had a thought...
The arrangements would not be fresh flowers, they would now be faux, silk botanicals. Faux will allow these arrangements to be used for the shower and wedding and everything in between.
I arranged the bouquets and wired them together making each one a well constructed bunch that could travel without compromising the look. This made them easy to simply drop into the silver pitchers.
The next event after the shower will be the rehearsal. By the way there are three bridesmaids so you may see where I am going with this.                                                         

Here are the finished products, ready to provide soft beautiful color for the bride (and groom's) most important pre-wedding events, on time and under budget. They loved the arrangements and were most thankful for the ability to reuse them. Best of wishes to the bride and groom.
Antique treasures to come this week.
Happy Hunting!