My passion, after my family of course, is Treasure Hunting. The simple beauty of things from by-gone eras have always spoken to me. Whether these treasures are found at a flea market, fine antique store, estate sale, thrift shop, or in the family attic, surprises abound.
As an interior designer, I believe it is vital to balance your decor by including found and family treasures. Surrounding yourself with things you love should always be the goal, from there you will find your true style.
As I shop, I may have a client in mind or I may want to resell at our french flea market or in my shop. I am lucky to have several outlets for my treasures including my own home! I plan to share my searching, hunting, travels, and treasures with you and encourage you to enjoy adding your treasures to your home.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Flea Market Figures and More

This weekend it took a few extra hours to do my treasure hunting. I had to work a little harder this time... nothing was going to come easy. This is never a frustration, just a challenge. It reminded me of being young and single and always finding cute clothes or home decor items when I had no money and then not being able to find a single item when you were able to buy. So, this Sunday, I accepted the challenge and was eventually rewarded.
Searching and scanning.
There are times I am not certain if I choose treasures or if they choose me?
These boys broke the ice. A vintage pair of garden statues. One is a little chipped and cracked but I did not have the heart to split them up. So they both came home with me.
They are each holding an apple in their right hand. I can imagine them sitting in a large basket filled with fall apples or even sitting under an apple tree in the garden.
When I placed a few of my treasures in a chair for a quick photo I started to see a little theme... figures.
This beautiful terrazzo mermaid is from the 1940's. At well over 3 feet tall she has a definite presence and will be a great addition to a poolside or overlooking a pond. She weighs over 250 lbs and took 3 men to move, luckily getting her home went well. 
Rarely seen in California, I found a great Bavent French rabbit figure. I am not sure I will give him up... I have not yet decided. Over the years I have had just a handful of these at the shop and each time I sold one I found myself thinking... why did I sell that? So, I will think very carefully about him.
From one of my all-time favorite vintage lines, I love this Borghese "boy with bow".

Yes, there were many figural finds and then the apple theme reappeared, from the boy garden statues, when I found this gorgeous victorian silver set.
These will also be perfect for our apple harvest event at Le Potager this fall.
The apples in high relief, branch handles and pie crust edging add to the charm of these pieces
Last, but not least, I found a charming pair of Indian Clubs. Used for exercising in the first third of the last century, they are perfect pieces for displaying with their nice height and warm wood tone. 
Thank you for looking at my most recent loot shoot. 
Next I will be sharing some of my thoughts on blogging as I celebrate TTBJ's one year anniversary.
Happy Hunting.

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  1. Love all your finds but especially the exercise pins - very cool looking.


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