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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Honor the Women in your Life

Last night was our ninth annual gathering, but how can that be? The time has gone so quickly. The memories of each year are ones I cherish so very much. 
My dear friend, Chris, decided all those years ago, to hold a celebration. Her goal?... to honor the women who hold an important place in her life's journey. Women from her childhood, adulthood, school, church and work all brought together by their relationship with this one woman. Many travel great distances to attend and throughout the years we have even forged relationships with each other thanks to our friend Chris.
This celebration is a tradition that each of us consider a great honor to be included in. 
"Triple D", as Chris' husband refers to it, this evening has been coined "Dames Dining in the Dark" by our hostess. 
Each year has a completely new theme and therefore decor, food menu and signature cocktail, of course! This year's cocktail... lemon sangria which was incredibly wonderful.
The al fresco dining event had a wine theme. Decor of wine bottles lit with tiny white lights, wine bottles as vases, candles and hundreds of wine corks.
Our hostess thanking us for our friendship and attendance.
When indeed we should be the ones thanking her!
The wine bottle vases held red gerbera daisies, white spider mums and fresh rosemary.
Chris's daughter, Claire, is a genius in the kitchen. This year she created a spectacular, rustic Italian style menu. Spectacular salads, assorted breads, 3 different lasagnas and the piece de resistance... a trio of heavenly desserts, all made by Claire with love.
This post is for all the ladies who attended last night and all those whom may read this and decide that they too would like to create an event to honor the important women in their lives.
Time passes so quickly and we do not always make the time to get together with the special people in our lives... I am thankful our friend Chris finds the time for all of us.

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  1. What a lovely event. Isn't it wonderful to be part of such a special group?

    I've scoured the photos and have picked up some ideas for an upcoming event I'm holding at our house - dinner under the trees with a special group of friends.


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